Our Boat

Maluhia is a very special boat!




She is a rock-solid 1992 Pacific Seacraft 37.

Before us, she spent her entire life (20 years) on Lake Michigan, far from the corrosive effects of salt.  Further, she was lovingly stored each winter in heated indoor storage buildings, and was only lightly day-sailed on the lake a few times a year.  This was exactly the scenario we were looking for!


Her name is Hawaiian for “peacefulness” and she was given it by her previous owners, Bill and Pam.   Such a great and unique name that we decided to keep it.  Apropos for such a strong and comfortable vessel.


Vessel Stats:

  • Rig type: Cutter
  • Rig dimensions: I=44 ft (13.41m), J=15 ft 9 in (4.8m), P=38 ft 1 in (11.63m), E=14 ft 4 in (4.34m)
  • Designer: W.I.B. Crealock
  • Engine: Yanmar 4JH2E 50hp diesel
  • Displacement: 16000 lbs (7258 kgs)
  • Ballast: 6200 lbs (2812 kgs)
  • Draft: 5.5 ft (1.65m)
  • LOA = 36ft 11in (11.25m)
  • LWL = 27ft 8in (8.46m)
  • Beam = 10ft 10in (3.30m)
  • SA= 618 sqft (57.41 sq.m.)
  • SA/D = 15.63
  • B/D = 38.74%
  • D/L = 334.26


The long story…

A few years ago, before we had some sailing under our belt – we were still in the “dreaming stage.”

What would our “dream” boat look like?  It had to be a sailboat (duh – we like to sail!) and it had to be at least POSSIBLE to afford on our current salaries (NOT a multi-million dollar yacht).  That does not limit the field much, as there are hundreds of manufacturers to choose from.


Some of the core qualities we used to narrow down our choices:

  1. A proven blue-water cruising boat, designed FOR offshore work.
  2. A fairly comfortable motion in a seaway
  3. Built by a company with a reputation for excellent work.
  4. Designed by someone with experience sailing offshore on long passages.
  5. A boat that tends to hold its value.
  6. Speed! (By cruising / distance standards)

It didn’t take very long for Pacific Seacraft (and William Crealock) to rise to the top of our list.  We never thought in a million years we would actually own one!

Without warning, Providence interceded.   We met Maluhia’s wonderful owners, and before we knew it they helped our dream come true!

Maluhia Anchored In Los Muertos

Captain for a day!
Captain for a day!




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