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  • Hi you two , My name is Bill an my wife is Cathy Norrie . We too are PSC 37 owners and cruisers. Just google SV TERRYWN for our story . Terrwyn is currently in South Africa and we return November to carry on with our circumnavigation quest . Please check us out Cathy is a super email person at cathy.norrie@gmail.com. Love your blog, boat and voice , keep on sailing and blogging TY. Bill

    • Hi Bill and Cathy!

      Thanks for the nice comments. We have actually watched some of your sailing videos in the past showcasing your Pacific crossing online. Very well done. Wow! South Africa sounds awesome! These boats really can go anywhere! Thanks for the contact info. Happy Sailing!

      Denise & Grant

  • Hi Denise and Grant,
    We are not far behind and your blog keeps us going. We have a psc 37 recently purchased. We have lived and cruised on other boats and now have the one! (as you know). We will be debt free this year and selling a house and business next summer. Me, my wife and our daughter can’t wait and your videos keep us from going crazy. We winter in fl on the the boat in Fl and have a tree company in utah summers so this time of year, We are ready for water and sailing. Thanks and keep it coming!!!
    Jamey, Jill, and Jessie
    S/V Sea Glass

    • S/V Sea Glass – Glad to hear from you! You will enjoy this boat so much! You have no idea how many people just randomly see us in an anchorage and shout, “Is that a Crealock?” Or how many people on the docks in California randomly walked by looked at our forward deck cleats and commented “Wow, that’s a sturdy boat!” We love this boat and so do others! We can’t wait to see you out here and meet you in person! Stay in touch in case our paths cross!

      ~Grant & Denise

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