Return to Mexico

After a wonderful 5 months in Europe we passed a well deserved month back in the USA where we visited with family. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons spent in the Midwest. It is one of those seasons that you tend to miss when you spend the majority of your time living in the tropics surrounded by sun and palm trees.


Fall marks a time of memorable transition each year. Tree leaves change remarkable colors. The temperature becomes slightly cooler. Apple orchards and pumpkin farms are abundantly stocked. Kids go back to school. Fall is used to prepare yourself mentally for the next big change before the end of the year. In this neck of the woods – It’s Winter.


Returning to Mexico

Arriving back in Mexico we found Maluhia just as perfect as we had left her. During our absence we hired Jason from Argos Marine to keep an eye on her. He did an excellent job making sure all was right onboard. He emailed us updates every two weeks. When there was a threat for hurricane, he took additional steps to make sure Maluhia would be safe by removing the solar panels, even though they had already been category 3 tested.


A New Adventure

After traveling to so many European destinations we were looking forward to staying in one spot for awhile. That is why we made the decision not leave Banderas Bay with our boat at all for the season. In addition we both decided that we were ready to start a different adventure. Something we had been thinking about doing before we even left for Europe at the end of the previous season.


Most cruisers being of a certain age, spend their retirement doing exactly what we were doing in our thirties. At this point in our lives as much as we love sailing and living on the boat we always knew it was for a limited time. Not to say we wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again in the future, just not continuously for the next 40 years.

At present we didn’t have the drive to make the commitment to continue West to Polynesia or South to Panama. Although over the past three years had pondered both choices. The one thing we couldn’t get past was all of the boats that had gone to these places before us seemed to end up returning to Mexico. To the South, Internet was spotty, (we need the Internet to show up to work) and good vegetables and fruits were harder to come by. To the West things were very pricey and islands were much further apart.


What would the new adventure look like? We weren’t entirely sure ourselves. We just knew it was time for a change. Ultimately we were ready for a bigger family and to travel more of inland Mexico. As much as it saddened us, we knew there would be a day when we would sell Maluhia.

Being rookie boat owners we had no idea how long it would take to sell a boat, so we got to work taking photos, writing up a listing and developing a website. We also put ads in popular sailing magazines. Once the information was out there we decided not to stress. We were in no hurry to sell but thought it was good idea to get a head start on what might be years of trying to sell a boat. After all, the market is very specific.


Celebrating Holidays with Cruisers

 A local establishment in La Cruz called Philo’s hosted a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Cruisers each brought a dish to pass plus an admission fee to help pay for the turkey. There was live music and pumpkin pie.



We spent the entire month of December on the hook with Maluhia anchored out in front of the marina. The best thing about Marina’s in Mexico is as soon as you leave the dock they stop charging you rent. The worst thing about being on the hook are the pelicans and the white stuff that comes out of their rear ends. It was nasty and they took a liking to Maluhia.


The only presents we purchased for Christmas in La Cruz were off the giving tree for the Manos de Amor  local children’s orphanage. The marina hosts a wonderful gathering for the kids each Christmas where the cruising community can purchase gifts and spend the day doing fun activities with the children.










Back on the docks cruisers hosted a Christmas potluck.


To ring in the New Year we watched Puerto Vallarta’s and Nuevo Vallarta’s fireworks hit the sky while we blissfully bobbed at anchor!


  • I think I like this post most of all. You have come full circle. The pictures of the children are wonderful. Miss the Mid-west? I bet you do. It’s wonderful there. Maluhia may sell very quickly, she’s beautiful. If you want to, send some pictures to Beacon, via,,,, I put up a picture and sold my girl in one day! I was in shock. You are young and have so many adventures ahead of you, I’m 63 and still have not given up the idea of sailing the South Pacific. I have friends in Puerto Vallarta right now, George Phillips on Circadian and Don and Bobby on Wind Dancer, if you see them say your from Ventura, good people. Did I hear bigger family??? that is so exciting, keep your blog going, or at least keep emails, so we can stay in touch. Hugs Meta

    On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 5:01 PM, Vagabonding Under Sail wrote:

    > Denise posted: “After a wonderful 5 months in Europe we passed a well > deserved month back in the USA where we visited with family. Fall is one of > the most beautiful seasons spent in the Midwest. It is one of those seasons > that you tend to miss when you spend the majority” >

  • A beautiful post, Denise.  Bet it made you homesick for Maluhia and Mexico! 


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