The Atlantic Crossing

After returning North after our time exploring Mexico’s Costa Alegre, we had another decision to make. Where to spend the summer and hurricane season. After all, one summer in Mexico and one hurricane experience is more than enough, we think. We decided that we would not be crossing back over to Baja but instead be making the crossing over to Europe. 

How do you cross from Puerto Vallarta to Europe you ask? First you take care of your boat. You buy new dock lines, get the boat waxed, stow the solar panels, buy a new shade, strip all the sails, run all your halyards inside your mast, and find a boatie-sitter. Next, you check the exchange rate and get some insider industry tips from the professionals, on how to travel cheaply. Lastly, you pick a destination and you go.

Maluhia Shades
All tucked in with a nice new shade. Check out the caprail covers!

We crossed the Atlantic in record time 10 hours at a speed of 600 miles per hour. This was puzzling to us as Maluhia has never hit this speed before. Not even 10 hours after we left, we emerged from a subway station in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, all the way on the other side of the globe in Paris, France.

Bustling Streets of the 6th (6eme).
Bustling Streets of the 6th (6eme).
The Magic moment when a couple
The Magic moment when a couple “seals their love forever” with a lock on the oldest Parisian bridge: Pont Neuf. Au revoir monsieur clé!
Pont Neuf
There are at least 3 locks on Pont Neuf. Probably 4.

Paris was a bit of a culture shock coming from the slow pace of life in Sunny Mexico. It seemed busy. Busy streets with cars, busy cross walks with people, busy subways, trains, taxis, and automobiles. It was also a bit chilly, and rainy. What do you do when its raining in Paris? You buy an umbrella!

And then there was rain.
Two signs of love, one from man and another from above.
Two signs of love. One from a man, another from above.
Boulevard St Michel.
Voila, Boulevard St. Michael.
The great prince
At that time, shall מיכאל rise up, the great prince…

The city of Paris is divided into 20 different arrondissements. Our comfy abode was located in the fifth right in the heart of the Latin quarter. Seventy-six (ish? I lost count) tiny stairs lead us up to our place on the top floor with a spectacular view of the magnificent Notre Dame cathedral from one window, and a wee spec of the top of the Eiffel Tower from another.

Our flat for the time being.
up up up
Up up up!
the decor
Le décor était délicieux!
stained glass
A beautiful full-size stained glass piece greeted us at the stairs. Under his feet were the words “fide” and “honorem” (Faith and honor)
A very nice space.
A very nice space.
more stairs
No more stairs for now?
old stairs
Not sure how old the spiral staircase was, but the creak of each step lets the imagination run wild.
worth it
Voila! It was worth all the stairs.

We had plenty of good intentions to see all of the most popular Paris sights, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Orsay, and the Palace of Versailles to name a few. But, if there is one thing we don’t like, its standing in line and rushing about a place just to tick off items on a to do list. We don’t like to rush. We’d rather experience things slow so we can take it all in, with a reason to come back for more.

rose window
External close up of the magnificent rose window of Notre Dame.
happy tourists
Happy tourists socializing with the gargoyles.  The famous “bored” gargoyle is second from the left.

That’s just how we spent our time. We walked everywhere, from the fifth to the fourth, to the sixth and the first, exploring every nook and cranny. The only official tourist sight we took time to see was the cathedral of Notre Dame (Our Lady). Its style of French Gothic architecture is a grand sight to behold. 

The facade of Notre Dame.
Our lady
In the very center of the facade above the entrance is the mother of the King.

Flying buttresses surround the walls acting as opposing forces to support the wall from the downward forces applied to it from the vaulted ceilings. Gargoyles decorate the roof to serve a practical purpose of directing rain water to drain away from the masonry to prevent erosion. Various symbolism accompanies the bestiaries used in Christian art. Some grotesque figures were meant to symbolize evil was kept outside the church walls.

The man who strikes fear in the hearts of Pinochet, Duvalier, and commissars everywhere.
At the entrance.
Inside the door.
An everlasting Kingdom.
blood is the life
על חייו של הבשר הוא בדם;ונתתי לו לך על המזבח לכפר על נפשותיכם;לזה הוא הדם שמרביץ כפרה על ידי סיבה של החיים. “For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you for making atonement for your lives on the altar; for, as life, it is the blood that makes atonement.”
A miniture of the cathedral.
work of art
Heritage of the world.
High art.
The highest of high art.
la nuit
La nuit tombe dans la ville de lumière.
cathedral at night
The Cathedral at night. People are still meandering around  the ramparts but the gargoyles sleep.

Walking around the city our feet and noses lead us into a cafe for a morning cappuccino complete with pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant). They also led us to a public market with the most beautiful looking vegetables, fresh fruits, cheeses and olives I had ever seen. We were in sensory overload.

Capturing a work of art in a new medium.

By afternoon we were taste testing macaroons. Apparently if you are good at making macaroons they actually melt right in your mouth. I did not know this and thought they were meant to be chewy and stick to your teeth. But this lovely raspberry macaroon made in Paris was a dream! I was floating on a cloud. That is until we were walking near Ru Mouffetard and found Chocolat Mococha.

A lovely day in the Park near the Louvre.

Are you familiar with the term Meilleur Ouvrier de France or MOF? It stands for the Best Craftsman of France. It is the highest prestigious award that a professional can aspire to, and let’s just say the competition is fierce. So fierce, that an award was not awarded to any of the 9 finalists in the 2015 chocolatier event. The next event may not occur for another 4 years. 

The best Chocolate in Paris. Multi-MOF madness! Rue Mouffetard.

We couldn’t wait that long. Chocolat Mococha is a shop that sells a chocolate from a select three different MOF winners of previous years. We sampled chocolates with many different flavors including ganache madagascar, ganache chocolate caramel, and ganache ginger, strawberry and milk chocolate. 

I don’t think you could actually appreciate what it means to be a MOF unless you watch the King’s of Pastry movie. Grab some popcorn, or chocolate, and rent it from Netflix. You won’t be disappointed.


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