Mexico’s Lost & Found

We’ve all lost something at some point in our life. Things get misplaced, they fall out of our pockets, they’re stolen, or accidentally dumped in the trash. The worst is when you’re on vacation and you forget something in the place you were staying. You call the hotel and no one’s found it. Let’s add another dimension to that. You’re outside the country, you’re in Mexico, and you’re on your way home when you realize you’re missing your . . . does it matter? What are the chances you would ever see it again?

Our Backyard - Santiago Bay North
Check out our backyard in Santiago Bay.

As our friends continued South we decided to dig our anchor a little bit deeper into the sandy spot we choose in Santiago Bay. The amount of boats in the area waxed and waned. A little birdy called Delorme alerted us that friends on s/v Rocket Girl were just 20 miles North of us in Barra de Navidad. However they weren’t feeling up to snuff enough to sail down to join us for another few days.

Santiago Bay South
Just another day at the beach!

In the mean time we had something else to busy ourselves with. A lost item that was found during one of our bus trips into Manzanillo. An older gentleman entering the bus knelt down by Grant’s foot and when he stood up, magically there was an iPhone in his hand. He didn’t speak any English, or Spanish for that matter, but gestured towards Grant, pointing at the phone, as if to say, “Yours?”

We checked with all parties and no one was missing anything. The man continued to the back of the bus with the iPhone in hand. By the time we got up to exit the bus, the man also stood up and showed us the phone. He pointed to the screen where he had pulled up the user preferences showing me that the phone belonged to David S. from Canada. He placed it in my hand and held up his hands as if he didn’t want the responsibility. Then he walked away. 

I fuddled my way through the iPhone interface and scanned through the contacts until I found ICE (In Case of Emergency.) Is loosing your cell phone in Mexico an emergency? I dialed the number and someone answered. 

“Um . . . yes, hello . . . I am in Mexico and I found this phone on the bus. I’d like to return it to its owner.”

After some back and forth, I found out I had called David’s father who lived in Calgary. David was in Mexico for vacation, and unfortunately flying back to Canada as we spoke. From that point I received an email address, which after 24-hours put me in touch with David. 

David suggested mailing the phone back to Calgary. Mailing things across the border of Mexico in either direction is a delicate subject. I hatched a better plan which included finding a mail carrier. Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be a problem finding a carrier that was heading back to “Canadia Land” sometime soon. Wink. Wink.

One afternoon in Santiago Bay a blonde on a stand up paddle board came paddling by Maluhia. I waved and being the friendly people we are, she took that as an invitation to stop by. In the first two min of conversation we had determined she was from Calgary, Canada, a yoga instructor, and had lived in Manzanillo Bay for the last 5 years. 

She was flying to Cabo that weekend and meeting some friends, (also from Calgary) that she would give the phone to. Her friends would carry the phone across the border(s), then put it in the mail back in Calgary. The plan was emailed to David who was in agreement as well as extremely happy of the outcome.

And that, is exactly how something you lost outside the country, in Mexico, can very well end up found, and delivered directly to your front door.


  • Wow, what a great story!! My uncle and cousin are both named David S. and used to live in Calgary too and had vacationed in Mexico. But they never had an iPhone. Neat how all the dots got connected like that. Kudos!

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