Buddy Boating In Baja

This month has been busily consumed with traveling, working, meeting up with family, and visiting old friends, that writing blog posts, managing photos and creating videos had become second fiddle for the past few weeks. But, not to worry this post will quickly bring you up to speed. A couple of noteworthy items – 

  1. We finally made boat cardsOur friend Dave was gracious enough to deliver these crazy cards. At first I was anti-boat card but as graphic designer I received much flack. What’s a boat card? It’s a business card that you can hand out to friends that displays all of your info about your boat, your boats name, who’s onboard and how to stay in touch.  Now, after meeting so many cool people, I see their value and recommend adding these to your list of items to bring along cruising. 
  2. We have a Facebook Page – facebook.com/VagabondingUnderSail  – Like our page, comment and share our posts – we post photos, links to these blog updates, and videos there. Realize you won’t always see everything we post unless you physically visit the site. Facebook currently only shows posts to about 6% of your fan base and the number keeps dropping. The more likes and shares our posts have on Facebook, the more Facebook recognizes our posts as engaging content, and the more people they will reveal our posts to. 
  3. We have a Vimeo Channel – Vimeo.com/channels/vagabondingundersail – We take a ton of photos and a little video every now and then. We try to put the best photos in our blog but most of the time it is extremely hard to choose which photos to exclude. The video’s are quick compilations of additional photos, and small video clips paired with music.

Buddy Boating In Baja

The true definition of buddy boating is two or more boats traveling in close company generally for social or safety reasons. But our definition of a buddy boat happens to be – our buddies, that also own boats. We may or may not have sailed with them in close company to one destination or another but we have; pot lucked, toasted to sun down, dined with, laughed with, had numerous excursions with, met them in anchorages and may have severely beaten them in a friendly match of Bocce Ball.

Our “buddy boats” from the Baja Ha Ha Sea Otter Bellingham and Cake were on their way back to Baja so they could cool off for the summer. Cake by heading up into the Sea of Cortez and Sea Otter by stopping in La Paz before they set sail over to Hawaii. With them came new friends Appa, Delphinia and Celebration. Add to that our new friends on Rocket Girl and the fact that Grant had a birthday made plenty of reason to celebrate with dock parties, pot lucks and even cake in the Marina Office!


Even our friends on Wahkuna made it back across the Sea of Cortez to Baja carrying along with them our beloved Petit Bateau loving his new perch on the back of their boat. Our dinghy swap has been working out quite well for both parties.

Petit Bateau Visits

Some of our buddy boats looked a little different with improvements they had made like removing teak decks, new stain, or new interior cushions. All work they felt was a bit cheaper on the Mexican mainland.

They also shared new stories of what to expect for sailing on the mainland, best inland tours such as traveling on the Copper Canyon Railroad, the best anchorages, and those that really bite (literally some have been swamped by mosquitos), while we shared our stories of the sea and offered an in depth look at the city of La Paz. We even had a throw back night to the Baja Ha Ha where we all sported our gear.

Soon, both Appa and Sea Otter sailed off towards the US island of Hawaii, both making successful landfalls. Cake and Celebration headed to the Island Espiritu Santo. We were close to follow for the weekend with Delphinia bringing up the rear.

As we approached the Island we tried calling Celebration and Cake on the VHF but no answer. We came to a crossroad. What side of the Island were they on? We flipped a coin and continued on the West side of the island to Coletta Partida. Along the way we poked our heads into each anchorage looking for our friends. But there was no Celebration or Cake to be found!

Anchorage View

At Coletta Partida we did some exploring we hadn’t done before. This time we had park passes so we didn’t feel as shy about walking on shore. We’re not geologists but could these rocks be volcanic residue from the Volcano that used to exist here?

Shell In Rock

Maluhia At Coletta Partida

The next morning we decided to circumnavigate the island! Continuing to the North side of the island the wind was blowing quite well on the nose with white caps forming over the tops of the waves. Instead of sailing we motored, and hobby horsed into the chop at an angle that we considered tolerable. As we passed behind Los Islotes it blocked all of our wind, and the water became very calm.

Behind Los Islotes

As we turned the corner the wind was now on our beam and soon enough it was coming from behind. We pulled out the genoa set up Moses, and comfortably let Maluhia sail us down the back side of the island.

Circumnavigating Espiritu Santo

To much surprise we heard our friends on the radio and hailed them to confirm they were Bonanza! We set the anchor, watched a very good kite surfer cruise around the anchorage while we regrouped, and joined our friends for an evening happy hour on Celebration.


Moon & Venus at Dawn

The next morning at dawn, we awoke to see a small sliver of moon and the illuminated glow of planet venus hovering over the start of a beautiful sunrise. Soon, it was then time for a morning shore excursion. We met up with our friends Delphina and enjoyed a nice hike.

Hiking Near Bonanza

Bonanza from Above

Delphinia avoids a frigate bird

Grant & Steve Hiking

Anchored in Paradise?

Sea of Cortez

Mountain View

Grant Climbs to the top

That afternoon we decided to play with some dolphins that entered the anchorage. Grant and I got in our dinghy and grabbed our video camera. I don’t have to tell you how excited I get when I see these wonderful creatures but they happen to be my favorite!


  • Grant & Denise,

    I just now saw the video about you buying a boat…& dedicating it in memory of my husband. It made me cry, but was a lovely presentation! God bless you for doing that & including pics of the 2 of us…those things are most precious to me now.

    I hope to follow you a little more closely as time passes. You ARE living the dream my Love had…enjoy it fully & thanks for posting. 🙂


    • Pamela,

      Thank you for the kind words. I hope you know that we think of you both often. We are pretty sure Bill has been sailing with us on more than one occasion. Of course you (both) are welcome anytime!

      We send hugs and blessings your way!

      Grant & Denise

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