Adding Sea Miles To A Multifunctional Quilt

Multifunctional Quilt

When we made our move to Ventura, we drove my car across the country from Iowa to California. Along the way we made a pit stop in Grand Island, Nebraska where we visited with family. It was during that visit that Aunt Elizabeth led me into her sewing room and showed me her handmade quilts. She was gracious enough to let us pick one out but on one condition. We were advised to put the quilt to good use because it wasn’t getting much attention sitting in her sewing room.

From Nebraska the quilt traveled 1,480 miles to California. When we didn’t have a place to put all our belongings we had crammed in the back seat, the quilt served as a cover up to deter any lookie loo’s. The quilt had its place in our car until it was time to head South. The car was sold, and the quilt moved onto the boat.

Jerry Can Cover

Aunt Elizabeth’s quilt traveled another 70 nautical miles from Ventura to Catalina Island. Where we had our first run in with honey bees. What were they looking for? Fresh water. Catalina had a shortage. We also found the bees very fond of the yellow diesel jerry jugs that we keep on deck to carry extra fuel. We used the quilt to cover up the jugs.

The quilt put on another 1,107 nautical miles as it accompanied us to San Diego, Turtle Bay, Bahia Santa Maria, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, La Paz, and North into the Sea of Cortez. On the way down the Baja, (before we made the great dingy exchange) we used the quilt as a way to protect the fore deck when we would raise Petit Bateau onboard. We also used it for warmth during our night watches, a pillow, a back rest, you name it!

Easy Shade

In the Sea of Cortez we had a need for some added shade in the cockpit!

Beach Blanket Set Up

Recently Grant and I took our another trip to Puerto Balandra for the weekend, where we discovered another great way to put it to use. Beach blanket! I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner but the quilt now accompanies us to shore on a regular basis.

Perfect Beach Blanket

Sitting on the blanket we enjoyed the serene view from shore.

Puerto Blandra
The quilt has been a great addition to our boat and we continue to find great ways to put it to good use!

Thank you for the great gift!

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  • God Bless you, you made me cry. A quilt is just like our faith, it needs to be used to do the most good.

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