Isla Partida Phytoplankton Party


Genoa Sailing

Isla Partida – Ensenada Grande – 21 miles South

We enjoyed a beautiful sail the entire way under jib alone, to our next island, Isla Partida. The wind was 10-15k from the N-NE. Moses (Monitor Wind Vane) had a blast steering for us, which meant we were both free to move about the boat at our leisure.

Sail Check

Inside the anchorage we crossed our fingers that the windlass would work, although it’s not really an issue when deploying the anchor as gravity will assist in the matter. After the windlass motor had a bit of rest, it ended up working!

Anchor In Sand

Amazing Water Color

Ensenada Grande is an anchorage with three distance lobes that cut a very long way into the island. We explored each of the four beaches via dinghy.

Maluhia at Caleta Partida


Enjoying the View

Beach Comber

Beach Exploration

One beach included a campsite with a very well marked trail. We did not have park passes so technically we weren’t allowed on shore but we poked around anyway.

Lovely Trail

Gaining Perspective

Cacti Buddy

At night it cooled down so much that I put my jacket on. Watching the amazing view of stars overhead was a real treat. Even more impressive was the sparkling green glow of marine phosphorescence that surrounded our boat in the water. This glowing green water phenomenon reminds me of pixie dust floating in the water. The green glow outlines blooming phytoplankton, tiny crustaceans, and  fish right near the waterline of the hull. It’s amazing how paying attention to tiny bits of illuminated phytoplankton can cause so much enjoyment!

In the morning (6 am) we awoke to the sound of the wind. Poking our heads out of the boat we discovered we were now on a lee shore. (The wind blowing the boat toward shore.) Grant could see lumpy white caps forming at the entrance of the anchorage. No bueno! We hurried ourselves to pull the outboard up on the stern rail and winch the dinghy up on deck. We were able to get everything put away just at the first set of 2-3 foot waves started to hit our hull. We pulled up the anchor and motored forward to get the hell out of dodge.

Self Portrait


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