Island Salt Ponds

There's wind in those clouds!

Isla San Francisco – 38 miles South

As we approached the bay we watched two more whales breach multiple times in the distance. Winds in the Canal de San José picked up to white capping conditions. Wind waves were 2 to 3 feet with 15-20k.

Traveling South to San Fran

Approaching the island

We made another attempt at fishing, but no luck.


Mexican Feather Lure

In the bay we switched roles, I drove the boat while Grant lowered the anchor.

Onshore we explored the beach and looked for the salt ponds. There were 4 salt ponds on the island and we had trouble finding them at first, mainly because we didn’t know what we were looking for. Once we found them we did the old finger swipe and lick test to confirm they were indeed salt ponds.

Anchored in San Fran

San Fran Pit Stop

Salt Pond Found

Can we bottle this?
A short walk to the other side of the island revealed a beach with a fish camp. The fish camp is where fisherman who own pangas set up camp while they spend a few days away from civilization fishing. Camps vary from size and type. Some have small concrete huts while others are just pop up tents. Minimal gear, food and water is kept at the camp for the fisherman to use when they return.

San Francisco Fish Camp
Upon leaving Isla San Francisco our windlass motor cut out. The windlass is a motor we use that assists us in raising and lower the anchor chain and anchor. When the motor starts to over heat, the safety switch is triggered to shut off power to the device so the motor is not damaged. Grant hauled the last 20 feet of our anchor chain and 45lb anchor up by hand.

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