Illegal Island Shenanigans

Sailing to Isla Danzante

Isla Danzante – 3.5 miles East by boat

We were having a blast buddy boating with Emma Bell and decided not to end a good thing, so we continued to our next stop. Isla Danzante was located 3.5 miles to the East of Puerto Escondido. Our two boat fleet made a pact to sail as much as we could to our next stop no matter how long it took us. We turned the dinosaur (engine) on long enough to pick up the anchor and give the refrigerator a burst of cold air.  Grant hoisted the main sail and I unfurled the Genoa. We let the sails fill with wind and killed the dinosaur.

At anchor

Silencio! (Silence!) The moment the dinosaur has been quieted down for his nap. Elation, then pure satisfaction follow. The wind propelling you forward with the sounds of water delightfully rushing underneath your hull.  There was a fair 5-10k breeze blowing straight from the North East. Directly from the direction we were trying to sail. We spent our time weaving back and forth up wind in a diagonal pattern (tacking). Emma Bell and Maluhia gave each other high-fives as our paths intertwined.

Honeymoon Cove
At the time of our visit to Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante, we did not realize the island had national park status. So, the following shenanigans may or may not have happened on this national park island;

  • Uncharted Territory. Explored unmarked trails climbing very vertical and rocky cliffs to reach two separate high points, and a cave, providing outstanding views overlooking the anchorage.
  • Fishing. Fished in the anchorage. No luck. The fish weren’t biting.
  • Dogs. Cleaned up dog poop on the island. “Rover” demonstrated cat like acrobatics jumping from rock to rock.
  • Fires. Built an amazing first time beach campfire. Left no trace.
  • Hermit Crabs. Held hermit crab races disturbing natural life on the island.

Making our own trail

Halfway up

Little bit higher

Inside the cave

At the top! Beautiful View!

On our way down.

Another Steep Climb Sea of Cortez up high!

"Rover" has cat like skills

Emma Bell Crew - Gail, Todd and Rover

"Rover" on the beach

"Rover" on the trail

Waiting for fish

What we did do;

  • Hiking. Hiked a very well marked trail.
  • Dinghy Rides. Explored the island beaches and waters surrounding it via dinghy.
  • Sunsets. Watched an amazing sunset.
  • Baking. Made biscuits from scratch.
  • Single Side Band Radio. Tinkered with our SSB. We solved the problem of breaking antennas and dangling halyards. We invested in a GAM split lead antenna that slides easily up our backstay. We decided to turn on the radio and see what we could pick up. We were having a blast! We listened to live radio shows from Britain, Spain, and Cuba! We were able to hear other boats checking in on the Southbound net, and weather reports on the Amigo net.

Emma Bell Friends

Trail Vista

Following the trail  Maluhia at anchor   Pelican Silhouette Sunset Colors  Hanging at anchor with friends

Inside the anchorage

Soon it was time for Emma and Maluhia to part ways. Emma was heading North to put their boat on the hard while they returned to the states to drum up some summer work.  Maluhia was heading South back towards some good Internet that helps us keep functioning jobs aboard our boat in La Paz. While we were melancholy by our parting of ways, we know these types of departures are just temporary!

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