The Polar Vortex

Mexico from above

While most of our cruiser friends had family that flew down to join them and the warm weather over the holidays, our family graciously flew us back to Iowa to join them. We left Maluhia in La Paz for two weeks, while we flew into the Midwestern polar vortex. (In case your wondering, we don’t miss the cold.) It was an odd transition to fly above  Mexico’s desert and the Sea of Cortez, to then see our first glimpse of snow over the Colorado Rockies.


In Iowa we enjoyed celebrating Christmas and New Years with our families. We also had a chance to catch up with old work friends, our Iowa Sailing Club friends and had a follow up interview with our friend Ben on Iowa Public Radio.

Keeping the trees warm in Iowa

It was so cold in Iowa that even the trees were wearing sweaters!

A temporary fix

While we greatly enjoyed the visit, we also missed Maluhia and hoped she was ok. Upon our night arrival back in La Paz, everything appeared normal. It wasn’t until the following morning, we noticed our two bow lines had almost completely chafed through on the rough dock cleats from the Norther (similar to Santa Anas, except from the North) that had swept through the area while we were gone! We were very grateful to find out that our neighbor Bob on Tahoma helped to secure the lines in our absence. We immediately went out and bought more chafe guards!

La Rosca

In the following weeks with some new friends at the Marina, we participated in two more holiday celebrations Rosca de Reyes and Día de la Candelaria. Both events are an extension of the celebration of Christmas. Rosca de Reyes or Three Kings Day, is celebrated by eating a huge piece of beautifully decorated wreath bread (the rosca) decorated with jellied candies. Baked inside the rosca?

Who will get the baby Jesus?

Five tiny surprises. The little baby Jesus. If your piece of Rosca contains the tiny baby it is considered a blessing. It is also an indication that you will help host and serve tamales on February 2nd, Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas Day). Both are very old traditions that are still kept alive in Mexico to this day.

Un Tamal

We were very happy to experience these celebrations in Mexico, and they were also a great way to socialize with friends at the Marina. The Rosca, and the tamales were both excellent!


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