Hotel El Ganzo

El Gonzo a noche

As we continued our stay at Puerto Los Cabos we became exposed to many different types of weather. A cool breeze off the ocean with average daily temperatures well above 80 was very pleasant. A few days we experienced some very brief fresh water showers. When natures free version of air-conditioning clunks out (a.k.a the wind dies) it makes things very hot inside the boat. In fact the cabin temperature inside the boat was an easy 82 degrees! Don’t get me wrong, if I had the choice between extreme heat or extreme cold, I’d probably go warm. However, heat without any air movement can be slightly stifling. Sweat drips down your face as a result of minimal exertion. Clothing sticks to your skin. Even with all of the hatches and portholes open, plus running two interior fans in the cabin, it seemed like the only bit of outside movement that was entering the boat, were pesky mosquitoes and flies. A few days we made good by going to the beach and dipping in the surf. But, the idea of taking ourselves off of the boat and into the comforts of air conditioning, running water and perhaps a bath after so long without, seemed extremely exciting!

Hotel El Ganzo profile

Through inquiries we found out that Hotel El Ganzo (the goose hotel), located right inside the Puerto Los Cabos Marina, was offering an introductory discounted rate to those staying at the marina. Reciprocal benefits for boaters? Score! We inquired and booked a room for two nights at this incredibly uniquely designed boutique of a hotel. Agreeing this would be an extended gift to both of us for our anniversary, made it even more convincing. Plus, after all of that crazy sailing down the coast, the idea of being pampered seemed appropriate.

Overlooking the harbor

I found the idea behind this particular hotel very unique. The hotel has a modern, contemporary design with Mexican influences throughout the interior decor. However the overall concept behind this hotel is dual-purposed. The 72-room hotel first serves as a place to stay for travelers from all around the world.  In fact prior to our stay, rumor around the marina was the entire hotel was rented out for a wedding by a very well-to-do Israeli businessman.

Bandera del ganzo  Epic

The hotel also serves the role of a blank canvas for all sorts of creatives, the hotel becoming a vehicle for inspiration. By invitation only, artists can create live art installations throughout the interior and exterior.  In fact, there was a piece of art in progress that featured a continuous paint drip starting from the front door of the hotel, leading into the elevator, onto the third floor, and into a mysterious guest room. On the back end of things, I assume there is some sort of approval process that occurs between the artist and the hotel to ensure the piece is not overly displeasing to future guests. Art installations continue in and around the lobby, throughout hallways, and all the way up to the roof top bar and pool area.  In fact Charlie Sheen came to the hotel to “dedicate” the opening.

The unique sounds of accordian and saw

This hotel did not forget about the creativity inspired by music. In fact right in front of the lobby bar is a gigantic trap door that is lifted up exposing steps that take interested parties beneath the hotel floor and into a full sized recording studio. Musicians have the opportunity to be invited to record music, or if you have the means you can escape to create by renting out the space for the time you need.

The attention to detail in service starts right upon your arrival. In the lobby during check in we were both greeted with ice cold towels to blot our sweaty faces, and freshly squeezed mango juice! It never tasted so good! Inside the guest rooms are plushly designed including all of the regular amenities. Small standout features included iPads with a special app written just for the hotel that features details about amenities, menus and entertainment. The in-room refrigerator also featured complimentary soft drinks and water. Balconies on the upper floors were glass so as not to spoil the view.

The rooftop infinity pool was a great place to cool off. It featured a swim up bar and a hot tub made of see through walls. The wait staff was definitely on top of things making sure we were well hydrated (beveraged up), and always had enough towels.

Infinity Pool

View from the room

Another small detail, the hotel has its own beach property across the channel inside the marina as well as its own transportation to get you there. A fairly new pontoon boat will take guests from one side of the channel to the other as many times as desired throughout the day. Prior to our stay we tried heading to the beach in our own dinghy during the Israeli wedding celebration, but were politely told it was a private party. On the beach, you can go horseback riding, swimming, paddle boarding, or stop by the cabana and get lunch.

Beach club across the channel

During our stay we decided to head over to the hotel beach and check it out only to run into another sailing friend we met in San Diego, Le Fete. (They had done the Baja He He coming down after the Ha Ha group.) We caught up on their story and made plans for dinner. The captain and crew make up the means for a two person band. One plays the accordion and the other plays the Canadian saw. We got full instruction on what makes the Canadian saw such an interesting instrument. First, it is a standard handsaw design omitting any sharp points for cutting. Second, sound is made by bending the end of the saw and striking the saw in different spots with a small rubber mallet. Le Fete’s traveling band would set up anywhere and everywhere, invitation or not, often times they’d trade food for a performance at many local establishments. We first heard their music when they were docked behind us in San Diego before leaving down the coast. It seemed like everyone was now catching up to us, so it was time to make our next move and a change of scenery!


Infinity hottub ABOVE the infinity pool

El pajaro bebe agua


Impromptu late night cena


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