Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay

After all the excitement from the day before we both agreed this would be a lazy day. We caught up on some much needed sleep before getting ready to explore Emerald Bay. Just looking around it was obvious how this little bay got its name.  The water was a sharp green color. Peering over the side of the boat, we could see straight to the bottom. We got out our inflatable SUP and took turns paddling to shore to do some exploring on the beach.

Exploring Emerald Bay

Later our friends M&M from H-Mony came over to discuss the passage over from the day before. They agreed it was a lumpy ride and weren’t sure if they were inside the missile practice either because the girl mumbled the coordinates on the radio. They shared stories with us from when they went cruising in Mexico and the South Pacific in their previous boat. We planned to meet to go for a hike the next day.

The only way is up!

Two Harbors is another anchorage on Catalina. Glancing at the map, it appeared to be only 4 miles away. But, we did not account for all of the turns and track backs on the trail! After our initial hike up the side of the hill, we took a moment to take in the gorgeous view!

Emerald Bay from above

The trail on the way over to Two Harbors was pretty gradual and mostly down hill. We knew we had been walking for at least 2 hours as we passed many campgrounds, a couple groups of other hikers, two cars and one biker. However, we weren’t so sure just how far we had walked. Finally, we arrived at Two Harbors exhausted, hungry and hot. Good thing we packed a lunch!

Two Harbors from above

We took a moment to take in the scene around us. There were people everywhere. Campers were camping, Polynesian drummers drumming, and SUP races happening on the beach. Where were we?! Some groups were fathers were with daughters, and others were fathers with sons, all enjoying the weekend together camping and doing various activities such as camping, fishing, kayaking, and anything else you can do outdoors.

We assessed the situation. On the hike back it would probably take us double the time, since we’d be going uphill. We brainstormed ideas on how to get back to Emerald Bay without hiking. Water taxi? Sure! How much? $70?! Yikes! We decided to hang out at the dingy dock to see if we could bum a ride. While we waited I was curious. I decided to double check, just how far did we walk? The Harbor master told me it was six miles on foot and four miles by water. Just then M came back and said she found us a ride on a dive boat. We all piled in and agreed to pay $10 a head for the diver to boat us back to Emerald Bay.

Dive Boat Ride

Just as we were right outside the harbor the dive boat started experiencing problems. Sputter, Sputter . . .cough, cough. . . .”come on baby don’t do this to me now,” the diver kept coaxing the engine. We were all silent as we waited for the engine to respond. If anything we figured we’d probably drift back to shore because the swell was rolling right into the anchorage. We were floating freely but not for long! The engine finally perked up and soon we were blasting over to Emerald.

Back on our boat, we got ready to leave Emerald and head to Two Harbors. H-Mony would be doing the same. We dropped the mooring lines and made a quick detour out in front of the island to practice using our monitor wind vane (our powerless self steering system). We weren’t having much luck getting the boat balanced enough with the sails alone in order to keep a course because of the swell. The wind was picking up and we were both getting grouchy so we decided to revisit the trial again another day. We continued onto Two Harbors and went ashore with M&M to enjoy Happy Hour. Happy hour starts at 3 and goes until 5 even on Sunday.

Happy Hour!

Back at the dinghy dock we enjoyed another show. A baby sea lion was jumping around catching fish while a center console dinghy casually untied itself and started floating away.  While a few good Samaritans commandeered it and attempted to return it to the dock, the owner came running stating that someone must of untied it! Hummm. Seems a little fishy if you ask me. Always best to check your own knots!



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