Happy Boat-iversary!

Happy Boat-iversary!

It’s officially been one year since we’ve ventured into the life of owning and living on our 37 ft. sailboat in Southern California, and now it’s time for some celebrating! In between all of the last minute boat work, paperwork, and real world work, before we get ready to shove off, we are taking a quick pause to eat cake and sip wine in order to celebrate life and the boat. Unfortunately Happy Birthday cake was all we could find but Maluhia didn’t mind!

Groovey Glasses   Ta Da!

We also broke out our new wine glasses from REI. These are an amazing find for any boat. They look like glass, but are actually plastic. The bottom disconnects with the top for easy storage. We invested in these because it’s really no secret, but other cruisers love to drink wine.

New Dodger   New Bimini

We also treated Maluhia with a few new additions. Her dodger was sewn up nicely for a repair and we added a bimini for added shade to the cockpit. We plan to sit in the shaded cockpit more often! Perhaps we’ll share our cockpit with new friends we meet along the way.

Lovely Previous Owners

Looking back, we are so blessed to have found this boat. The whole boat purchasing process went very smoothly.  The boat was located in Iowa’s own backyard, Wisconsin, and we dealt directly with the previous owners. We think about Maluhia’s previous owners frequently. We couldn’t have met better people, and the love they shared for life and what this boat meant to them is a constant visual reminder for us. Upon meeting them it was evident that we shared many similarities in what attracted us to Pacific Seacraft, and our overall dreams and aspirations. They helped make the process easy. Maybe it’s the way we are so much more aware of nature as the sun glimmers off the top of the water, or by the way the moon looks down at night to say hello, or maybe it’s the relaxing sound of rushing water against the hull, and the subtle rocking ourselves to sleep at night, but owning a boat and living on it has been a positive experience for both of us!

Now that I painted a blissful scene, there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a boat. Yes, we knew it would be hard work, and we both said, “Challenge Accepted.” But, owning a boat can sometimes also be stressful. Things frequently break for no good reason giving you all of the opportunity in the world to learn more about your boat and what makes it happy. The important thing we learned was to slow down, think about how you expect a project to go, then tell yourself your wrong. That way if your wrong about being wrong, maybe you’ll end up being right!

I remember when I first shared our plans about living on a boat. Many people said, “Oh, I could never do that with my husband.” To those people, I’d say you’re probably right, because living on a boat will take even the best relationship and put it under scrutiny. If you’re not ready for that, then stick to land, because your bad habits are magnified. Living in a small space with your husband 24-hours a day, there’s very little privacy. This very quickly uncovers bad habits that need a little work, where as living in a larger living space these items might be tolerable, hidden or even overlooked. But, the best part about living on a boat, is there’s no place to run or hide from your problems. You’re on a boat, remember? You start learning how to face discrepancies head on, and very quickly, how to get to a resolution.

Lastly, I was recently asked, Was moving to California and living on a boat everything I thought it was going to be? I’d have to answer no, it wasn’t everything I thought it was going to be. It has been so much more! We are both happy with our decision and couldn’t have found a better town. Our boat also seems happy to be back on the coast where she was born. We hope she will show us around even more in the months ahead!

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