Bits and Pieces

Happy Maluhia

We’ve been bound and determined to finish up what’s left on our project list, and with good reason! What’s the reason you ask? Sorry, you’ll have to wait to find out, but to peek your curiosity I’ll give you one clue, warmer waters! Managing all of the busy work has become first priority over blog posting lately. But, I’ve found just enough time to sneak one in!

The project list, much like our plans, is ever evolving but there are certain things that once we cross off, we don’t hope to see back on the list. Trips to the Channel Islands, away from civilization for a few days, sometimes reveals things that upon inspection need quick fix or perhaps aren’t working out like we previously envisioned.

For example, there will be no more hanging baskets on board. They swing way to much with mild effort, and we’ve had some kiwi that were claimed as casualties. Plus the extra swinging of the basket down below is a weird mind trip, when you can’t actually feel the boat swinging at all.

Petit Bateau Needs Some Paint

Next, how do we get Petit Bateau (our hard bottom Fatty Knees) on and off the deck without leaving both captain and crew frustrated? Each time we attempt this task we show progress. Our most recent attempt included making a more balanced harness out of rope and using an additional block and tackle system. Much easier, because I was able to hoist the block and tackle on a halyard, then join Grant on the foredeck to help man handle the dinghy, as I used the block and tackle, plus cam cleat, to raise, lower and apply the break when needed!  Our old plain halyard method was like hoisting a 100lb wrecking ball up the side of the mast. Not cool when you have an anchorage with some swell.

We also applied a fresh coat of bottom paint so Petit Bateau can now hang out in the water for more than 24-hours without making friends with a whole colony of sea critters. Of course Petit Bateau (PB) seems much happier to to be sitting in the water. Last night PB decided to show off by catching his first little fish. Crazy, because he must of overheard us when we were talking about getting more interested in fishing.


In fact, we came back one afternoon to find this attached to the transom of our boat. An awesome gift from one of our dockside buddies. Don’t worry, we hope to catch something and hopefully return the favor, with a great bounty!

A Gift!

One last thing, our head stopped flushing. Perfect timing I’d say. We replaced all of the hoses months ago. Why leave the job half complete? We ordered the rebuild kit for the flusher and will be attempting that one soon. Maybe we’ll be so good at repairing our head, that other people will pay us to repair theirs! I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think the excitement of my idea will be shared.

Excitement In The Head

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