Airport Art


Have you ever taken the time to really appreciate airport art? We had an opportunity to do just that as we excitedly waited for a flight to arrive at LAX. Our next family visitor was on their way to visit us in, um. . . foggy California? June gloom was a new term that a few people had introduced to us. Usually occurring in June, the gloom seemed to happen more frequently. When warm coastal air meets cool marine air, it forms an ugly looking foggy marine layer that hangs around until mid afternoon.

I’ve seen art in airports before, but usually just in passing at an accelerated pace. As an art major I appreciate the thought and method that goes into creating all art. I have a personal preference to always look at the artist statement last giving myself a chance to interpret the intent of the show on my own without any frame of reference.


The first artist displayed a series of watercolor pieces with similar backgrounds. I didn’t know what the colors represented, but I naturally assumed the blue was ocean and orange was possibly beach. In alternating pieces there was a stick and an unidentified object placed in varying positions. I checked out the title Sticks and Rocks. Well, that explained the unidentified object. But, what could this mean? I wasn’t quite sure so I moved onto the next set of pieces.


The next artist series consisted of 3-D art. Multicolored blocks in varying shapes floating in a clear box as if suspended in mid air. The shapes looked like they were mimicking abstract structures of varying sizes but showing that regardless of weight they all floated just the same. The title, Satellites.

A Splash of Color

Another artist displayed what was a large standalone piece that was very colorful and whimsical. The edges of the canvas were almost nonexistent for the child like art that jumped off it’s page.

Abstract One   Abstract Two

Then a series of more abstract looking pieces that were lighted from underneath, casting just enough shadow to give an appearance of floating in front of the wall. I found these interesting as there was no additional lighting behind the piece but the reflection from the lighting above was enough to make their undersides glow pink.

Wire Nest

The last piece was a messy abstract piece constructed of thin metal wire with no clear starting or end point. These are the pieces I stare at mesmerized. Perhaps that is the intent.

Onto the artist statement. “The concept of the exhibit Levitational, is to display artworks in which gravity is clearly defined. The intent is to key into the state of dreams and daydreams in which the laws of physics are suspended momentarily. It is also an invitation to the passerby to ponder for a moment the imagination that allows us to conquer gravity through flight.” As I pondered that, I looked at the time. Our visitor’s flight had landed. Better get to the gate to greet them!

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