Trolling for Treasure

Boaters Swap Meet

There have already been a few opportunities to troll for treasure this year as the various marinas around the area host annual boaters swap meets. The swap meet is a boaters glorified garage sale sans the garage and in many cases the tables. Many liveaboards bring their stuff and display it on the ground in a manner that lures the potential buyer into a meditational gaze at all the possibilities they can spend their money on. While boaters get rid of any extra stuff they’ve collected but no longer treasure, buyers find it is a great place to discover that sought after tool, replacement part or perhaps new/used addition to add to their boat, at a more reasonable “boating” price. Add to that scene a few additional fishing vendors and some local artisans, free doughnuts and coffee and you’ve got yourself a swap meet.

We participated in our first boaters swap meet and joined our E-dock mates as we rid ourselves of more of our stuff.  What additional stuff could we get rid ourselves of? We’ve already downsized quite a bit prior our move. Turns out, looking back at that car load of stuff, there were some things that we thought were good ideas to bring but turned out we hadn’t used since our arrival. Humm. If that isn’t a hint, then I don’t know what is? We did not need any arm twisting to get rid of more stuff, so a quick decision was made to downsize again. After 4 hours with our stuff on the market we had made us a reasonably sized booty! With our stuff sold, and fresh money in our pocket we decided to browse the other merchandise for new possibilities. The only useful tool we found was a Par Brass Utility Hand Pump, which we bought for the reasonable price of three dollars! Our three dollar version also came with its own little surprise inside, an added bonus for us!

Big Purchase!   Surprise Inside!


    • It’s a hand pump with many uses, bilge, oil, diesel, antifreeze (at least that is what it says on the side of the pump). I don’t know which we will use it for, probably a spare. Our boat uses a similar one for pumping water out of the bottom of the ice box.

  • So that round thing with the 6 holes is a part of the pump? Looks like it needs some cleaning.

    Thought you were saying that round thing in the pump was the treasure. Heh. 🙂

  • Love the posts!! What is the suprise?? I am an inveterate dumpster diver myself!!

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