The best coffee we’ve ever tasted…


Making coffee onboard…came as a thoughtful gift from our friends Dave and Helen in Colorado, packaged with a great little hand grinder.

The coffee was an in season offering from Intelligentsia.  If I recall correctly, this batch came from Tanzania (?)  We are long overdue to order some more.  At any rate, once the beans were ground and even before they were pressed, the fresh grounds smelled otherworldly.  I didn’t need anymore convincing that this was excellent coffee than the backflips of my tastebuds, but something else happened to drive home the point.

Denise usually doesn’t drink coffee at all, and if she does, she will usually dump liberal (obscene?) amounts of creamer in with her brew.  This is the first time I’m aware of  that she took a sip, paused, and then said: “Wow,  that’s delicious.”

Straight coffee – and even Denise thought it was great black.

No going back now!

Thanks Helen. 🙂


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