No More Smell-scense

Got Diesel?

It’s amazing how I’ve learned to loath these three little words.

“I smell something.”

Smell. It was becoming my own personal nemesis. It was really subtle, but it was there. The annoyance would lead us on a quest around the boat to figure out the source. Correction. The sources.

The trash? In an effort to have pleasant smelling trash, we purchased scented trash bags in various scents, clean breeze, and vanilla. We’ve noted that about half way through the box, we both started to hate the scent. I decided the thought that anyone could have pleasant smelling trash as a result of using these trash bags is nonsense.

Soaking Bilge  Previous Spill?

Squeaky Clean   Super Clean Bilge

The Bilge, again! Below the center the cabin sole in the center of our boat sits our main fuel tank. In an effort to get to the bottom of the bilge odor once and for all, we removed the tank and all 40 gallons of fuel in it.  The fuel was placed into 5 gallon gas jugs and stored in our cockpit. After a series of grunts and tugs, pushes and turns, all of the fuel hoses were detached. Under the tank a black sticky mess was revealed. 72 hours later we had removed all the black nasty stuff with vinegar and baking soda. After inspection we determined the tank was still in good shape, placed it back into its designated spot and returned all the fuel.

Back To Normal   Tiny Access Panel

The head. (Insert toilet jokes here.) Another unpleasant smell was coming from inside the small compartment behind our toilet.  A damp rag was used to wipe down each of the hoses, then sniffed. A stench was confirmed on the main hose exiting the toilet, leading us to believe it was probably permeated. Grant did all the dirty work. The head hoses were even harder to remove than the fuel tank hoses! Installing the new hose wasn’t any easier or faster. The new hose was virtually impossible to bend, and the work space was very tight. But, all hoses were replaced and the head is smelling much better!

Regardless of the extra work our sniffers led us to uncover, we were glad to get to know our boat on a slightly more intimate level!


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