Clowns of the Sea

Fighting Clowns

Rowing our new toy around the harbor we found natures newest entertainment.  A front row seat to watching the sea lions play, fight and do the “other things” they do in the water, national geographic style. We took great interest in watching these clowns of the sea fight over one small portion of a long slender dock. Two rather large male sea lions, barked violently at one another as they tried to trample each other off their newly acquired property. As one emerged victorious, the defeated would quickly perform a sneak attack maneuver by swimming under the dock and jumping up on the other side to approach his opponent from behind. There was no end to this charade. While we were highly interested, others grew weary of the disturbance and moved to quieter resting spots. Grant and I agreed, there’s nothing like having a 400 lb. solid blubber mass, hanging off the back of your power boat!

Reel Sleep!

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