California Dreamin’

The last leg of our trip, Las Vegas to Ventura was a pretty short drive. We didn’t run into much traffic after we entered the desert. Ah, the desert. What can I say? I was picturing more sand, but discovered the desert is mostly just a dry, flat area, with a bunch of lifeless looking plants (relating to over grown weeds) everywhere! While we didn’t have any alien encounters of our own, we did pass a store selling Alien Fresh Jerky. Seemed to be a pretty popular place. We missed the turn, but promised to stop the next time we found one. Unfortunately, there wasn’t another one during the rest of our drive to Ventura. From that point on, the mountains started to spread out a little more while not completely disappearing. Crossing the Nevada, California border, we were subject to go through a check point. Border patrol within the states, I thought?  No, instead an Agricultural Inspection Station. In an effort to stop the spread of unwanted fruit flies that could damage California crops, We were asked if we had any out-of-state fruit. We declared no, and were on our way. A heavy fog greeted us as we arrived in Ventura towards the end of the day. I couldn’t get a good sense of what anything looked like, so we decided to find our hotel and get settled. We’d be staying here until our boat arrived.

Yep, that's some fresh alien jerky baby     Deserted desert

By the way, how was our boat doing? At this point, we had received confirmation from the shipper that Maluhia had left Wisconsin.  The update was that they were still in Missouri.  Disappointing!  We quickly learned that trucks with over sized loads are subject to different driving rules by state. Missouri would not allow an over sized load to be on the road one day prior, the day of, and one day following a holiday.  So, our truck had to stay put over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Other states do not allow over sized loads to travel on freeways or interstates during rush hour and so on.  Not to mention the truck had to stop at EVERY weigh station and was restricted to traveling at a specific speeds.

We decided to make the most out of exploring Ventura while we awaited our boats arrival. The following day the fog had cleared and everything was beautiful. We unloaded some items into our hotel room, and others into our storage unit at the marina. We found the marina office, mail boxes, laundry and bathrooms, and took a peek at our slip. Empty of course!

No boat yet!     Surf 'n sun

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