Trading Our Home For A Boat

I know what your thinking, who does that? Who trades living in their 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1450 sq. ft. home, for living on a 37 foot long, 10 foot wide sailboat? Catch us a few years ago, and we might have asked the same question. After some extensive planning, research, and many conversations with my spouse later, we decided why not? We are young, healthy and share a love for adventure! After we decided the “why?” and the “how?”, next came the “where?” While we discussed a variety of spots, we settled on Ventura, California because it was on the West coast and the marina we choose actually had a live aboard slip open. Perfect timing!  Apparently living aboard your boat in California is more popular than we thought because some marinas had over 10 year wait lists. Of course, why wouldn’t it be? Living beach side, with an amazing view and a virtually private beach within walking distance isn’t exactly cheap, but that same location suddenly becomes that much more affordable when you live on your boat.

Enjoying the new backyard     Home sweet home

Our boat was a rare find on Lake Michigan. She was only lightly used and had really great owners that cared for her deeply. While we’re still asking questions, How do you get a boat from the Midwest out to California? Naturally, one can sail the boat, heading East weaving in and around Lake Huron, Lake Eire, and Lake Ontario, snaking out to the Atlantic. At that point you can either go North through the Arctic Circle or South through the Panama Canal. However, this would require lots of time. Instead we choose the easy way out, and scheduled our boat to be shipped cross country on an over sized semi truck. We found an experience boat shipper online with a really good reputation and the documentation to prove it. We coordinated our dates and were all set to have our boat shipped by the beginning of November. Or so we thought….


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