Professional Dolphin Photographer In Training

Staying at Two Harbors through the weekend was tempting because of there would be cruising seminars, a celebration and party that would be held for “cruisers weekend.” Second, Two Harbors was very serene (which we enjoy) especially during the week. But, this was our first time at Catalina! Instead of getting caught in all of the commotion of the weekend at Two Harbors we made the decision to head over towards the eastern end of the island so we could explore the other town of Avalon. The 13 mile sail would take about two hours. We got up early, started the motor and got out the sails. Darn. We were practically traveling upwind again! I went below to work on grabbing us some granola bars for breakfast when I heard Grant shout, “Dolphins! Quick get your camera!” Immediately I perked up. I absolutely love these animals! I ran up top fumbling with the camera. After all of my previous attempts at self proclaimed professional dolphin photography, I was skeptical I’d actually capture a decent shot. But, to my surprise these dolphins wanted to play! They stuck around long enough for me to grab some great shots and video!

Dolphins Playing

Dolphin Escorts

I Love Dolphins!

These animals are magnificent! After spending some time at the bow shrieking with delight at the show, I felt awestruck and giddy! I returned to the cockpit with the biggest smile. This is just one of the reasons why we love sailing! (Click here to watch my video!)


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8 thoughts on “Professional Dolphin Photographer In Training

  1. Carla Collins

    Very Cool! Just Beautiful! I’m Sooooo Jealous!!

  2. Steve Callaway

    You are a long way from Lake MacBride. Keep going! We miss you though.

  3. Very nice! Coming in from Santa Cruz on Thursday got to see a big pod, then they where joined bay a very large group of seals, only to have 3 Minke Whale join the fun! A marine mammal trifecta. See you in SD

  4. Herders

    Tom, Shane and I watched this. So beautiful! I am enjoying living vicariously through you guys and read every post! Hope all is well Grant and Denise!

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