Picking Up The Pieces After Odile

Blue Sky Smiling

We stuck around inside Puerto Escondido for a few days after the storm to allow our nerves to settle a bit and help out other cruisers if we could. The weather had cleared despite a few remaining random gusts from the South. More importantly, the water inside the bay was flat again. There was no power, Internet or phone service so that made getting in touch with our families and friends difficult. We didn’t know what, if anything, our families knew about Odile. We had a pretty good idea that they were either paralyzed with worry, or they had absolutely no idea of the experience we just had. Ham Radio operators were able to pass communication back and forth between other hams in Cabo and La Paz. Other boats who could send emails via ships modem offered to assist in sending messages for those that couldn’t.

Los Tres Veleros

Surveying the damage started with us. Dinghy was fine. Maluhia was fine. We were fine. All in all, we were missing a sponge that fell out of our dinghy bailer. A sponge! Plus some really nice dock lines we had chafed through during the storm. When looking at the damage around us, we had to keep reminding ourselves, a sponge, and some dock lines. That was it. We were fine, but suffering from deer-in-headlight syndrome.

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