Hurricane Odile

As Maluhia and crew rode out the hurricane in Puerto Escondido tied to a mooring ball, we kept a log of what was happening around us. It helped to pass the time and allowed us to keep record of our account. Ever been through a hurricane? We invite you to join us on Maluhia.

First, you will want to familiarize yourself with the area. This will help you get the lay of the land inside the safe hurricane harbor at Puerto Escondido.

Inside Puerto Escondido

Second, throughout the storm we watch both the clock and the barometer, hoping to give us some indication for how close the eye of the storm would be in relationship to our location. As the eye of the storm nears, the barometer mBar drops and the winds intensify.

Third, we set the mode on our VHF radio to scan so we can monitor all channels. It was helpful to hear that there were other people out there and we weren’t alone in experiencing the chaos that surrounded us.

Lastly, there are videos in this post. The sounds alone are enough to make us cringe. The first video was taken standing partially inside and outside, gives a very good indication of the types of gusts felt early during the storm. Two additional videos, taken from inside the boat, should give you an idea of the noise level as the storm passed.

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